"yatr naryasto pojyantay, ramantay tatr devta"- Manusmriti

There where women are provided place of honor, gods are pleased and reside in that place.

A glance at phone with heavy lids, Three times snooze before dismiss,
She "the woman" starts her day, A fairy with her wand as if ready to play.
Dresses like star every morning, the house wakes up at her warning.
She mothers the children all around, her heart is worth a trillion pound.
On one hand is frying pan and other is phone, Inside she 's soft but outside is stone.
Spinal Cord of all the teams, Heed her or get blown by steam.
She is awesome in every way, can be shaped into anything like clay,
Mother, daughter, master or manager, she never hesitates plunging into danger.
She changes herself as per the vessel, Bricks thrown at her are build into castle.
More developed senses make her sensitive, and we mock at her and call it fanatic.
And what 's wrong with shopping, One should learn from her,
How savings are done, her skills are at par.
One can find when, why and what, as her sixth sense is there at every spot.
We cherish her presence all around us, The Women's Day is worth a big fuss.
Let's be proud celebrating womanhood and company of womanhood today,
Once for whole year, Happy International Women's Day.