Dedicated to the spirit of womanhood, ENVIRTA Sustainable Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. celebrated International Women's Dayon 8th March 2016 with full zeal and vigour.  An interactive session was organized following up with a snacks party. All employees along with directors participated in this event with full enthusiasm. Female employees of the organization were given the opportunity to organize this auspicious event.
The interaction started with stating the roots of this auspicious day dating back to 1900s, when Women's Day was more or less a political event. But along the timeline it has become more important and active and has gained momentum since years. Also the meaning and importance of women empowerment was highlighted. 
Some current and day-to-day issues related to women were discussed with a forward-thinking approach such as significance of reservations for women in India, educational problems, security & self-defence etc. 
The interactive discussion allowed everyone to discover the strengths and importance of women in everyone's life at home, workplace, sports, science and other areas. Some important examples quoted by Mr. Manas Vyas, Director,were those of Kalpana Chawla, TruptiDesai and many more.
At the end, Mr. Vishal Sharma (CMD) concluded with the statement, that empowerment should begin from the family itself. Women should not only aim to achieve equality rather set higher goals for their individual self.He also advised that every woman should fight back for their rights and not sit back silently because:
"We realise the importance of our voice when we are silenced"
-Malala Yousafzai