Climate change is a crucial worldwide phenomenon that we see today which results due to several anthropogenic as well as natural activities. 
Conference of Parties (COP 21) which was held in Paris in December 2015 aims to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5⁰C. Limiting the warming to no more than 2⁰C will prevent devastating effects of global warming such as increase in the sea level and melting of glaciers. This is the first legally binding and universal agreement on climate change where nearly 190 countries had participated and presented their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). 
Some of the INDCs presented by India were enhancing forests carbon sink, reduce emission intensity of GDP, cleaner economic development, adaptation component, sustainable lifestyle etc.  
Taking into account the initiatives of India at CoP21, ENVIRTA aims to serve the best climate change mitigation strategies to all stakeholders and also renders its support for resource management through Environmental Economics, Policy and Regulation. 

Climate change is the change in weather pattern that lasts for longer duration of time period. It is a world-wide phenomenon that results due to several anthropogenic as well as natural activities. It is one of the crucial issues faced today globally.

Among the several concepts and terminologies associated with climate change, GHG Inventories are the latest and most essential one. Others may include carbon neutrality/offset, carbon foot printing, carbon credit, CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) etc. Greenhouse gas inventories cover all the possible natural and anthropogenic emissions as well as removals by carbon sinks. The inventories can be used to develop policies and strategies.

The concept of carbon credit states that for each tonne of carbon reduced through the project activity, one carbon credit is generated and the resulted revenue from credit sales encourages to adoption of reduction in GHG activities to improve activities. To attain higher carbon credits along with lower carbon footprints it is mandatory to form an effective and economically viable strategy.  Tools applied by the developing countries to reduce their GHG emissions are called CDM. 

The need of the hour is to work for net zero carbon foot printing from all cities and sectors like energy. We at ENVIRTA, serve best climate change mitigation strategies. We serve our clients with a comprehensive mitigation services including:

  • Emissions inventories (Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Projections)
  • Energy and Carbon Management
  • Institutional and Sector Analysis w.r.t. Climate Change
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of Cities (Climate Scenario & Impact Assessment)
  • City-Level Climate Change resilience and adaptation plans
  • Feasibility Studies for Identified projects
  • CDM Consultancy
Environmental economics include the application of economic principles for effective development and management of environmental and natural resources. It involves the environment and economy nexus.

We aim at incorporating improved urban and investment plans in compliance with rules and regulations for our clients. In the era of upcoming smart cities we provide best sustainability plans and life cycle assessments.

We at ENVIRTA, develop effective and efficient cost-benefit solutions in the field of environmental economics. The services offered to our clients are as follows:

  • Improved Urban & Investment Planning 
  • Assessing and Advising on Strategies, Policies and Regulations at the Central & State levels 
  • Sustainability Planning for Cities 
  • Public and Stakeholders Engagement 
  • Life Cycle Assessment for Corporate 

The umbrella of environmental legislation covers several policies, rules and regulations of each and every environmental aspect. Environmental policy and Regulation deals compliance of any organization with the laws, regulations and other policies concerning environmental problems. 
ENVIRTA is leading the way in delivering policy support in many sectors like energy, water, waste management etc

With this view in mind, ENVIRTA aims at providing services to clients in following areas:

  • Sustainable Water Management Advice on Policy and Institutional Reforms
  • Energy and Carbon Policy Support
  • Waste Management Policy Support

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