Depending on the developmental activities, available resources of the city and aspirations of citizens, the concept of Smart City will vary from city to city.
"The Smart City Mission guidelines issued by Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India have 10 core elements that are mandatory for a city to be termed as a SMART CITY"
Our organization provides very innovative solutions in few of the below mentioned essential core elements, catering to the need of this mission.
Our pool of experts provides services in these domains with an integrated approach that renders turnkey solutions for a well organized management of our natural resources.

A geographic information system or GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of spatial or geographical data.

Modern GIS technology use digital information, for which various digitized data creation methods are used. The most common method of data creation is digitization, where a hard copy map or survey plans is transferred into a digital medium through the use of a CAD- program and geo-referencing capabilities. GIS data represents real objects (such as roads, land-use, elevation etc). There are 2 broad methods used to store data in a GIS i.e.
  • Raster images
  • Vector 

The possibilities are unlimited include EIA, resource management, land-use planning, tax mapping, water sanitation mapping, transportation routing etc.
ENVIRTA provides numerous GIS services to its clients all over the world. The GIS data conversion allows data from different sources to be merged in one common format; which allows for easy access and analysis. The vast expertise and experience allows ENVIRTA to integrate GIS, CAD and GPS services, by using high end GIS Mapping and GIS data conversion software.
These services assists the customers with contour maps, spatial maps, cadastral maps, landscape maps, zonal maps and environmental maps for host industries such as mining and geology, utility, agriculture and land information system. The services can also be done for 3D digitization and modeling.
The various GIS data services offered are:

  • Digitization
  • Remote Sensing
  • 3-D building landmarks
  • Indoor Mapping
  • Survey
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Topographical Mapping
  • Parcel Mapping
  • GIS Data Capture
Water touches every aspect of life. In India, water scarcity of fresh water, river pollution along with degrading water resources is a major concern globally. This is because of the excessive use by humans. Thus, sustainable management of water resources is a key element to be considered and analyzed, before undertaking a new project.

People and communities face several challenges like climate change, poor drinking water quality, depleting ground water table, unavailability of water, floods, poor sanitation etc.  Our nation is still struggling with a major challenge of sewage collection and its proper disposal & treatment. It has yet not received adequate attention by the concerned authorities and different stakeholders. If the problem is left unsolved it will cause grave chemical and nutrient contamination along with microbial pollution.

We at ENVIRTA provide world class solutions in all aspects of water resource management. We have been assisting government with emphasis on Sustainable Growth and Development in related fields such as:

  • Water Resource Management (Water Economist)
  • Surveys, Modeling and Assessment
  • Water Demand Management
  • Water and Climate Adaptation 
  • Urban Flood Protection Consultancy
  • Urban Sanitation
  • Urban Wastewater Management (STP,ETP, CETP)

  • Prepare detail techno-economic survey of catchment area of concerned river with respect of point and non-point pollution.  
  • Provide consultancy to minimize river pollution  
  • Technical intervention and implementation of sustainable technologies to minimize pollution of river.
  • Provide consultancy for City Sanitation Plan for cities having potential source to pollute rivers. 
  • Monitoring and evaluation of on- going projects for River Pollution in different states.  
  • Awareness and mass campaign, social mobilization for abatement of river pollution
We at ENVIRTA provides consultancy for implementation of sustainable technologies on different types of solid wastes at decentralized as well as centralized levels. 

Hazardous waste is the toxic waste that possesses potential threat to the public health and environment if disposed without precaution and care. Therefore, management and disposal of such waste should be done properly to reduce the hazardous after-effects. Industrial growth has resulted in an increase in the hazardous waste and inefficient disposal systems have made it worst. 

Our goal is to protect land from hazardous substances and manage the waste in order to nullify the risk on human health and environment through our best practices. Managing hazardous waste effectively requires a thorough understanding of waste, management practices, probable sources, effective solutions and laws & regulations related to it.

We have highly qualified multidisciplinary team, committed to maintain standards, excellence and innovation in waste management. We provide consultancy services in:

  • Urban Solid Waste Management
  • Biomedical & Hazardous Waste 
  • E-Waste (Electronic Waste) 
  • C & D Waste (Construction and Demolition) 
  • Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Auditing and Resource Optimization
  • Due-Diligence Assessment for Corporate
  • Resource and Waste Modelling
Contaminated land refers to land that has been contaminated by hazardous substances and has the potential to pose a threat to human health and the environment. 

Land Contamination is typically encountered on site used for historic, industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes. Few of the several activities which are responsible for land contamination are service stations, fuel and oil storage sites, mechanical workshops, tanneries, wood treatment sites, agricultural chemical use and landfills.

At ENVIRTA, we offer thorough, cost-effective contaminated land remediation consultancy. We design investigations that enable sites to be comprehensively assessed, addressing potential risks and liabilities, satisfying regulators, engaging with stakeholders and finally delivering clean and sustainable sites. Our experienced team offers:

  • Due Diligence
  • Emergency Response Advice and Project Management
  • Land Quality Assessments
  • Desk Studies and Site Investigations
  • Quantitative Risk Assessments and Management
  • Remediation Solutions and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Legislative and Civil Liability Advice
  • Materials Management Plans for Sustainable Reuse of Material
  • Regulatory Consultation
  • Remediation Design, Contract Preparation, Site Supervision & Project Management
At ENVIRTA, we consider how all elements of a building\'s design work together to meet the needs of its owners, occupants and environment.

Our extensive list of green building services allows us to offer an integrated and unique approach to green building consultation. We view your building project as an interconnected process, rather than independent parts functioning as a whole. This integrated approach helps to produce projects that meet sustainability goals on time and budget. Whether you want to achieve LEED Platinum Certification for a major development, or just to make energy efficient improvements to your facility, Environmental Building Strategies will help you assess your building and produce real and effective changes.
The degree to which the air is free of pollutants defines the air quality of that region. It is very essential to maintain the air quality not only for humans but also for plants, animals and wildlife. 

Poor air quality is the result of emissions from industries, vehicles and other developmental activities. There is a broad range of air pollutants that affect the health and environment e.g. particulate matter, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, lead etc.

Through our expertise we offer leading edge solutions at ENVIRTA for enhancing air quality. We pride ourselves in providing reliable, cost-effective and comprehensive management solutions such as:

  • Air Quality Impact Assessment Measurement and Modeling
  • Air Quality Emissions Management and Process Control
The sustainability report provides a comprehensive view of an organization's progress toward integrated economic growth and development. It is much more than the common financial report, which focuses mostly on the present achievements and positioning of the organization - customizing it for a developing Nation.

The sustainability report - which is very carefully read by stakeholders, banks and investors, enables them to make decisions about risks and opportunities. They demand reports that are balanced, accurate, transparent, timely and above all - reliable. This is why you need a company like ENVIRTA to write your sustainability report. Our report is an important extension for developing a systematic approach to managing the integration of sustainability, performance and management.

Unlike financial reporting, the process of creating a sustainability report focuses on management-oriented departments. It is a very efficient tool for strengthening stakeholders' trust, which is likely to enhance reputation, increase valuation, and reduce uncertainty. The report can also be a key driver in demonstrating transparency and accountability for sustainability activities and performance within the organization. At the same time it comprises a motivational driver for all levels of management and operational employees to deal more seriously with sustainability issues, instilling routines for considering sustainability-related information in decision-making.

Realizing its growing importance, more and more organizations are adopting sustainability reporting as an integral part of their strategic management. To guarantee credible and professional written sustainability reports, many organizations have turned to ENVIRTA. These companies know that sustainability reporting is an ongoing process, far beyond the informational document itself. It involves strategies, interaction with stakeholders, as well as implementation and performance analysis.

Initial Sustainability Assessment, Benchmarking and Risk Mapping
For those just starting out on the sustainability journey, an initial Sustainability Assessment may be a vital launching pad for building a sustainable organization- we start with a preliminary analytical research, including Benchmarking and Risk Mapping and continue with one-on-one meetings and site visits which are critical for understanding operating environments of the company/organization. Information incorporated into our analysis is based on facts, policies, statements, objectives, controversies and developments pertinent to the industry as well as the geo-political climate at hand effectively affecting the concerned organization.
Data gathered by our team is filtered through a series of criteria and associated indicators to illustratively produce our findings. Our initial assessment prescribes solutions to the challenges, identifying weaknesses and opportunities and gearing the organization towards meeting the GRI sustainability reporting Framework\'s requirements.
Our strategy approach integrates economic, environmental and social issues. We will help organization\'s sustainability vision and policy to shape and align stakeholders\' interests to achive goals. In other words, we\'ll help you map out where you are, where you want to go and how to get there in a sustainable manner.

Full Cycle Sustainability Report Development and Guidance on Strategy Implementation
We then proceed with the full cycle sustainability reporting process by:
  • Developing the reporting strategy
  • Identifying audiences and areas of concern
  • Engaging with external and internal stakeholders
  • Determining the set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Building your Materiality Matrix
  • Content Development- writing and designing the report (Web/PDF/Print)
  • Building the GRI Index and the GRI Application Level
  • Assisting with the report launch and promoting it through the GRI network, Socially Responsible Investors and other interested parties.
India is the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world, and it is projected to surpass Japan and Russia to become the world\'s third biggest energy consumer by 2030. At the same time, the country is facing an acute energy scarcity which is hampering its industrial growth and economic progress.

With mounting concerns on global warming, climate change and the looming threat of fossil resource scarcity, India is increasingly looking towards renewable energy to power itself. A fundamental shift is already happening in many parts of the country in the context of renewable energy and clean technology. ENVIRTA is one of the leading support resources which is catalyzing and facilitating this fundamental shift.

We have been assisting our clients in a host of areas in clean technology, with a particular emphasis on renewable energy sources.
The sectors in which we work, and the types of services we provide are listed below.\"

Biomass Energy
  • Biomass gasification based power generation
  • Advanced technologies for biomass based power generation
  • Biomass resource assessments for supply chain reliability
  • Second and third generation Biofuels

Waste to Energy (Extensive research and consulting assistance for value generation from the following types of waste)
  • Municipal Solid Wastes
  • Industrial Solid and Liquid waste
  • Sewage 
  • Agro and Crop Residue Wastes
Sustainable transportation planning is essential if we are to meet long term policy and investment decisions for a sustainable Urban & Rural Infrastructures.

Delivering an appropriate and sustainable transportation network for the 21st century is an exciting challenge. Our experts have a proven track record of successfully planning, designing and enabling urban transport and environmental improvements across all scales of developments. We also have a unique service offering in planning and designing for pedestrians, using science-based methods to turn pedestrian movement from an undervalued resource into a tangible and manageable asset.

Successful transport strategies examine the journeys that people need to make in all aspects of their lives and provide realistic travel options. The services that we provide to our clients range from strategic policy advice and performance management, through all aspects of demand forecasting, behavioural analysis, to accessibility, transport for land development, streetscapes and traffic engineering design.

Understanding traffic and pedestrian movement is key to creating sustainable communities that have been planned, modelled and designed to cope with today's demands. ENVIRTA provides an innovative and diverse range of modelling and consulting services alongside wider transport planning consultancy.

Making transport work, however, must not be at the cost of the environment and we are focusing our efforts on the role planners, engineers and consultants have to play in order to respond to the challenges, changes and opportunities of a carbon neutral economy. By considering carbon critical design and operations at the outset we can help shape policy, improve forecasting and ensure the right investment choices are made.

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